German 7,92 Paper Bullet Blank


I picked this variant of a paper bullet blank recently and was wondering if anyone had any information. It is very similar to a Platz Patronen 27, but not exactly the same. The projectile is salmon colored paper, it is held in by two pin crimps 180 degrees apart and is mounted in an Imperial 7,92 case. Any ideas?



Dave - the paper bullet is probably not a PP27 - the shape is wrong. However, it is quite reminiscent of an Austrian blank I had in my 7.9 collection, but it had a commercial-style H / * / * / * / headstamp as I recall. I can’t really relate that bullet to the case it is in (that is NOT to say it is not “legitimate” - I am speaking of a direct comparison of my Austrian round to it). The two bullets sure are similar though, right down to even the tone of the pink, although I would think both are faded a bit being close to 100 years old.


Hey John,

You are correct that it is much more like the Austrian paper bullet blank. When I compare them side by side, the only significant difference is that the Austrian blank is crimped 360 degrees around the case mouth, while the one I picture is secured with 2 pin crimps.



Dave, I also agree with John, this style of blank using a paper bullet is reported to be of Austrian origin and Mötz describes a cartridge of this type headstamped GR at 12 o’clock.