German 7.92 x 57 odd marking


I have a German 7.92 x 57 copper-plated steel case stamped:
P370 IX W1 19 40. What is the meaning of the “W1”? This is an extra marking, as the others I already know are manufacturer code for Hugo Schneider A.G., Werk Berlin-K


In the steel analysis code on your cartridge, the “w” stands for the plating firm Hugo Schneider A.-G., Messingwerk, Taucha/Leipsig. The number following it evidently relates to the carbon content of the steel, but the precise meaning of the various numbers has not been found, to my knowledge. Numbers 1,2,3,4,6,8,9,10,11,12,15 and 17 have been reported on rounds, and number 5 has been mentioned in a German report.


I forgot to answer the first part of your question. The Roman Numeral IX identifies the steel mill supplying the first-draw cups to the case makers. In this case, that firm is August-Thyssen-H


Thanks. The website with the codes on has the exact meanin for numbers 1, 2 and 17. Here is the link, the steel analysis numbers list is right at the bottom oh the page. It says that the number “1” indicates: 0.15 - 0.22 % Carbon, 0.4 % Manganese, 0.12 % Silicon, 0.03 % Phosphorus, 0.03 % Sulphur. The numbers make sense - as 16-22% Carbon indicates a soft, high-formability steel, which is what would be required for a manufacturing cartridge case.


Got it, John, thanks. I sent you an e-mail about that, and other things.