German 7.92mm Cutaways Part 1

German 7.92mm cutaways, part one, from left to right:

SME - iron core, blue primer, lacquer case, HLC/ST*/28/43
SME - iron core, blue PA, lacquer case, AK/ST*/8/44
SME - iron core, brass case, AUX/ST/23/44
SME Lang - long iron core, Zinc plated projectile, lacquer case, one primer hole, AUX/-ST*/28/44
SMK - steel core AP, CWS case, IXWI/39/p181/20
SS Patrone, heavy ball, P162/S*/2/40 (Not sure of this one)


Very nice work!

Thank you for posting pictures of your sectioned cartridges.


Great, especially the SmE lang. Bullet weight is nominally 12.0 g.

Your welcome, anytime.