German 7.92x57 ID

I wonder if anyone can help with this question?
Thinking of the interwar period, to the end of WW2 , with both the Luftwaffe and the Wehrmacht using 7.62x57 is it possible to tell from looking at a cartridge headstamp for which it was originally intended?

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Except for the Specials used uniquely by the Luftwaffe, ordinarily only the Packet labels could distinguish 7,9 cartridges specifically for the LW… and the fact that 7,9 for air use was almost uniformly in Brass cases, not Steel.( metallurgical problems at high altitudes).
Other members can be more specific.
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In my expectation the “other members” will be specific to tell that packet labels did not distinguish 7,9 cartridges specifically for LW… From suffix -v however you can interpret the purpose and destined user without further mention

This question is a little confusing.
There is no special information available on the label for who the cartridge was made for.
The first SmK and SmK tracers are known from 1928/1930. I don’t think they were made for the air force because after WW1 the allied did not allowed the Germans having any air planes.
The air force was starting to build up a fleet after they get the finances in the summer 1932.
In 1936 the PmK and the B-Patrone were introduced.
The Nitropenta powder used in the SmK-H cartridge was also used in the -v cartridge, made for the air force.
The Germans loaded PmK and B- Patronen with CWS steel cases for the air force. It was a disaster because sometimes a fired case stacked in the MG. Not a good thing if you are in an air battle.

From this time, only brass cases and cartridges with a primer 88 were made for the air force.
In 1943 the primer 43 was introduced, mainly to replace the primer 88 for the air force.
For practice shooting, the Luftwaffe used steel cases.



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Dutch shows in his previous replay 2 rare cartridges in cws steel case.
I never saw a cartridge box for both of these cartridges the only is this label in an ammo crate.

Much appreciated when anyone got a 15er box and show it here.