German 7,92x57 semi-AP, zinc plated


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The written report states: “The case was of the normal German steel type, lacquered red and had base marks “St+ 115, 43 aux.””

I would like to find any post-WWI German 7.9mm steel case lacquered red!!

My example of lot 115 is not in the best shape (the grey lacquer is either poorly applied or mostly worn off) and it has the GMCS S.m.E. bullet but you can see it sure isn’t red.

I have always disliked the term “Semi-AP”. To me its sort of like being part pregnant, you either are or you are not. The original intent for the soft iron/mild steel cores in the S.m.E. bullets was to conserve lead not to improve penetration (which it did as a side effect). The S.m.E Lang bullet went a step further by reducing the amount of lead used in the envelope even more which made it necessary to increase the length of the core and bullet to make it the same weight as the S.m.E. bullet.


The drawing also notes the annulus colour as green with a headstamp ‘kam’, but I do believe there are SmE projectiles with green annulus. Regarding red colour I wonder if this is the copper washed case or the brown lacquer?


Dave Kuchta sometime ago posted a picture of a steel cased kam St ? 41 Platzpatron that appears to have a green annulus. Whether or not it was originally a sS or SmE round I don’t know but it is the only kam steel case with “St” in the headstamp that I am aware of. All the others in the known headstamp listing have “St+”.

All the kam steel cases that I know of have a grey-green lacquered finish like the one in the scan but that is not to say there are not others.


Peter - In the drawing of the kam headstamp is that a 5 or a S at 6:00.



Definitely a 5


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