German 7,9mm Duplex ammunition


The last time I was in the library at the Leeds Armouries I found this document in a box file along with a report on US duplex ammunition.

I’ve been collecting militaria of varying sorts for longer than I care to remember but one rule I’ve always applied is to be extremely wary of anything marked with SS runes. In this case I have absolutely no knowledge on the subject so I hand judgement over to those that have, should they wish to pass comment.

One thing I will ask. Is there any significance to two of the cases having only one flash-hole whilst the other has two?

Happy collecting, Peter


By the date of the drawing, I would not place any great significance on the use, in the drawing, of both single and double flah-hole cases. By February 1945 the single flash-hole design had been in production for quite some time, and there would have still be plenty of dual flash-hole cases around also. They certainly may have purposefully tried both types to see if they gave any performance differences with duplex-bullet ammunition, but I suspect that would have been a minor issue in the development of these cartridges. In ordinary ball, I have never seen any report that the single-hole cases performed badly; that is, they seemed to do the job just as well as those with two flash-holes.

If anyone has a documentation to the contrary, please post it on this thread, even if it applies to normal ball or other single-bullet loadings. If it had any bearing on those, than the issue would take on more importance in experiments with duplex types.


Interesting that this was an SS project. Surprising that by Feb. 45 they were still at it. More than just a little handwriting was on their wall by that time. Himmler was already looking for a more friendly way out than he ended with.