German 7.9mm SmKH

I recently came across a stash of SmKH and after some digging 25 different box/sleeve lots were identified. All of these boxes were removed from sealed 300rd sleeves and relevant data recorded for everyone’s reference. Note that several boxes are not marked as having clips, although they are present. In addition to the clips noted in the list below, the following clips were also observed in other boxes, usually mixed. I hope to take better photos as time allows but if anyone wants specific photos just ask.

A37 (Brass)
CK35 (Brass)
P131 (Brass)
P131K (Brass)
P.28 (Brass)
P28g (Brass)
P28-36 (Brass)
P208K (Brass)
P208G (Brass)
P 25 37 (Brass)
P 39 (Brass)
^31 (Brass)
^32 (Brass)
Horizontal I (Brass)

Smk H 4.PNG
SmKH 1
SmKH 2


Your photo could be a trove of information (at least to me), but I am afraid, resolution is not as needed for reading the information on the labels.

I uploaded a few additional pics which should be easier to read.

We must make a difference between cartridge lot and case lot.

We can find, at least by Polte, SmK-H cartridges with all case lots they made.
The number of cartridges was so small that they used leftovers from their normal case production.

As an example, 3 box labels from Polte.


Lot 130 from 1940, made by the first shift on April 4th. The late shift made lot 131. The next day the first shift made lot 132. These lots were very tiny because it was a valuable and hard to make cartridge. The same story with the core. The Röchling core changed, lot 7 to 8, between the first and second shift.

Shipment from the cores was made in a wooden board with 100 cores and 30 boards in a wooden crate.

A lot of cores were send back by the Heeres Abnahmestele who was stationed by Polte to check the quality of the cores. The cores, internally called “Bohrspitzen” were ordered by the “Waffenamt”. They owned the core. Polte made the bullet, loaded them and get paid for the loading of the cartridge. This cartridge was always the property of the Waffenamt.

There were only four companies who made SmK-H ammunition.

P, Polte, Magdeburg.

P163, Metallwerke Treuenbrietzen, Werk Seltershof.

P398, Theodor Bergmann, Werk Velten

P490, Hugo Schneider A.G., Werk Altenburg.

There are other head stamps known because, for example P398 did not made cases.
An interesting label. Tagesfertigung 1. Schcht. (Day production first shift)

Added, core 67E was made by Krupp Essen, plant Bremen-Oslebshausen.