German 7.9x33 box label

I spotted this label anyone know if there is any later lots known from WA.


the latest known label from wa is wa 46 on a Packhülse 88.The latest know box label is wa 36.After the lot wa 36 (contents wa-St 12 round)the boxes with the code naq 44 have no longer labels.Than you can find the naq boxes without labels but on the left lip you can find the numbers 1 until 8 44 and 1 until 8 45.
The code wa changed in last 1944 in de and therfore you find in the late naq boxes up the number 4 de -St 1 45 cartridges after using before wa lots 12 until 15 and kam lots 2 until 5 in the boxes without labels.

the different boxes 1 until 8 you can see on the pages 69 +70 from my book Die 7.9mm Kurzpatrone 43.