German 7,9x57 "bne St+ 24 44" box corrosion

I guess this is that “from within” gun powder corrosion which can’t be stopped. Only 4 rounds (standing) still have powder movement sound. But the box is in a very good shape. What is the most reasonable action, to deactivate 4 good rounds and keep them with the box and isolate the rest?

Inerting and oiling is the only way to do.
And even the 4 rounds left may rip when you will pull the projectiles.
This way you have at least a chance.
Not doing anything will be 100% fatal.

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A am sorry to say it, but they were made for a war and not for ammunition collectors 77 years after they were made.
The problem is the powder. I think they already knew it at the time the cartridge was made.
Additional sticker in the box. Made for use A.S.A.P.



Cartridge case waxed!
Do not use oil or grease (" lard")

Utilise quickly (Verbrauch bestimmt)


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All right, I tried to inert with a kinetic hammer. The bullets fused to the mouth and would not come out. I am going to drill a side hole and put 7 drops of oil inside. Any better ideas?

I have quite a number of German Cartridges that have pin holes and rust, on them. I ended up putting them in glass tubes. Its a good practise to not shoot these late war cartridges.

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I drilled holes, a mixture of flake gun powder and rusty looking fine brownish red powder came out. Some rounds made a puff of dust when punctured, like it was under pressure.

I have unloaded all my german 7,9 ammo with steel cases. A great % of them had rusty inside cases between powder.

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I have allot of them in my collection I put in blood tubes. I understand this was from not coating the inside of cases to save time and they figure ammunition would be used before any problems would happen. I would not shoot any German WW2 steel case ammunition.

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