German 7,9x57 S.m.E.lg box

I remember that little red triangle in the upper right has a meaning but I’ve forgotten what the meaning is. May someone remind me?

It means, Spitz mit Eisen lang

Because the Germans removed the lead in the tip of the bullet it must be made longer to get the same weight as the normal SmE.

SmE Lang

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Dutch, why did they do this in the middle of the war? Was lead a strategic metal?

Yes lead was a strategic metal.

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The desperation in Germany was big enough to seriously test bullets made of soft iron and sintered iron to save lead.
According to folder RH12-2/177 in the Bundesarchiv, the official data for SmE lang were 12 g bullet mass, 2.7 g charge and 720 m/s muzzle velocity, which implies a weaker load, obviously to also save on propellant.
The iron core weighed a little less than 7.5 g.


As a small addition JPeelen has written;

If you look true the German cartridge development, the target was to safe strategic metals.
Some examples to mention are; brass to steel cases later the CWS case to safe copper with the lacquered steel case.
The change from the heavy ball bullet from lead to an iron core. (sS to SmE).

Later in the war they try to make cartridges without all strategic metals.
The SmK should being replaced by a bullet without these metals. It did not work as expected. Only 20 000 from the so called Pz cartridges were made.

The bullet from two different materials.


A nice example is the “Gaspolster” round. On the side from the bullet was a small amount of lead. In was necessary that the fields and grooves pressed in the bullet. By making two holes in the base some air pressed in the bullet during firing and the pressure of the gasses pressed the jacket into the grooves and fields without loosing the core from the jacket, they were pressed together.

The bullet with a “Sintereissen” core.
cg sinter X

The “Sintereisen” bullet who worked well by the 9mm para and 8x33 did not worked by the 8x57. The pressure was so high that the bullet blows in peaces when it came out of the barrel.