German 7,9x57 S.m.K

box of 7,9mm S.m.K. cartridges


What does S.m.E and S.m.K stand for?


S.m.E. is a german abbreviation for “Spitzgeshoss mit Eisenkern”, and means pointed bullet with an iron core, (semi AP).
S.m.K. stands for “Spitzgeshoss mit Kern” and means pointed bullet with hardened core (AP)
Both cartridges can be identified by the collor of the primer ring.
S.m.E. = blue
S.m.K. = red

wishes, Joost

A collector is always curios what label is under the readable label.

Well I found out they made an error by printing the first label. It tells us the cartridges were made in 1933. It was corrected by the second one -:)


What do the labels on the box in the first post translate toy? This appears to be a box of mixed headstamps.


Top label is: Cartridges SmK ( Spitzgeschoss mit Kern ) Armor-piercing
Supplier unknown

Sight label. Only be used as practice round.


By “supplier unknown”, do they mean any odd rounds left over from lots at various factories for any reason were packaged into boxes of the same loading and issued for training use?

those were unidentified and not necessarily own cartridges found loose and repacked for reissue.

Edited: detail added