German 76mm communication round

I was at West Point Museum and couldn’t remember if I posted this object at the forum, so excuse me if I’ve done this before, but here it is.

Great idea. Unless you happen to be on the ground and are hit by the message container or the dying projectile. Ouch!

Perhaps this is the origin of the phrase “incoming mail.” Jack

Actually the caliber is 76mm and it is a mortar round.

7.62cm Minenwerfer (LMW or translated as light mine launcher); message projectile, type Nora.

Incredibly awesome! That is the first time I have heard of this (pun intended). I doubt there are too many inert examples in collections. Thanks for posting this, Vlad.


I believe the British had something quite similar. Perhaps in as big as these but a bullet-message none the less.

This is very cool, never heard of it. Very high geewhiz factor.