German 8,6cm AA Rocket Projector

From a British War Office ‘Technical Intelligence Summary’ No. 154 published on 29/11/1944.

The item shewn is said to be a “Projector found in a coast defence repair shop at Boulogne” No ammunition was discovered with it and the somewhat flimsy sights were noted as being stored within the projector for transit. The hollow mounting tube was meant to have been slipped over a ground mounted spigot.

To abide by the rules, does anyone have a picture of the rocket involved and/or a picture of the thing in use?

Happy collecting, Peter

Peter, here the German drawing of the launcher (it is a Nayv development) and by far not only for anti aircraft use:

And here the HE rocket for it (there was also an illuminating rocket and a “parachuted steel wire rope” for anti aircraft purposes):

This odd duck is one of the least photographed of German weapon systems.