German 88 FUZE in English?

Ok, this is pretty wild. Does anyone have any ideas that would explain why this German 88MM projectile fuze is stamped with both German and US markings?



This fuze was renovated by the Norwegians in 1959, and was for their use.  They had a substantial amount of WWII German ordnance on hand and periodic maintenance of certain items, such as fuzes, was required to assure it would remain serviceable.  


Thanks so much Jim! I was going to guess it was a US captured piece studied at Aberdeen or something? It seems to be in amazing condition for its age. Appreciate the great information.


Raufoss Arsenal marks are regularly confused with the US Remington Armory/Arms Co.
Norwegian refurbish.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

Careful there Jason. There are guys on this Forum who are a lot older than that fuze. We know who they are but won’t name names. :) :)


Haha Ray! I just hope they are all in as nice a shape :-) Heck, I wish I was in as nice a shape!