German 9mm head stamp

During WW2 a few German factory’s made cases of plates (Näpfchen) that were made of cutting of iron rods. For identify these 7,9 Mauser cases, they had an additional stripe across the head stamp.

A few day’s ago I picked up a 9mm Para of 1944 of “asb” with the same markings.
Are there more known?


Hi Dutch,

I have asb 9mmP, lot 40 of 1943 with a similar style of headstamp. It is slightly different:
asb St+ | 40 43 |

I also have the same round you picture:
asb | St+ 3 | 44

Notice that the line across the headstamp is 90 degrees different between the two.



To my knowledge, DWM using the “asb” headstamp is the only case maker of this type of case in 9 mm Para.
DAK’s comments on the position of the line are interesting. I had not seen enough of these in my collecting life to spot that variation. It would be fun to find a full box of all the same lot, and see if the line is struck at random. I cannot imagine that it is. I have only the one in my collection, which I haven’t checked this evening for positioning of that headstamp entry, and don’t recall ever having a duplicate.

I opened my room for another reason, so checked my round. It is lot number 41 of 43, and the
line across the headstamp is like DAK’s Lot 40, separating the “asb St+ /” from the “41 43” entry.

You guys have nailed it. I have three examples; asb St+ / 40 43 /, asb St+ / 41 43 / and asb / St+ 3 44 /. These are the only ones I have ever documented.