German 9mm P08 Chamber Gauges-WWII & Earlier

In my years of collecting, there is one area where I have been very unsuccessful, and that is in Chamber from 1945 and earlier. I have heard of German and Italian
WWI gauges, as well as many exotic post WWI and WWII vintage gauges. In my collection. I only have three German P38 gauges and no P08 gauges. I have never seen or heard of an MP40 chamber gauge, but I assume they made them since I did run across a large number of MG 08 u. 08/15 gauges. Gauges show up occasionally at cartridge meetings, but I only seem to see them when the new owner shows them to me.

Does anyone know if the Germans also produced chamber Gauges marked for the pistols manufactured under occupation like the Polish Radom and the Belgian Browning HP??

These gauges have some very interesting markings, but I have never attempted to document the meanings of the various markings. Below are my three P38 Gauges. None are dated. The two on the right appear to be a GO-NOGO set. I assume the H u K is the manufacturer (who??). The gauge of the left is quite different and i assume the banner identifies the manufacturer. What does “WH” mean.

I recently bid, unsuccessfully, on a Luger Armurors set which contained the two gauges shown below. Both are for the P08 pistol which has a slightly different chamber than he P38, but I don’t see the “step” in the Luger chamber on these gauges. The markings on these are very interesting. The NOGO gaue is clearly made by Erma in 1939 and the other gauge was made by or for the Luftwaffe in 1938. I would have loved to buy these two, but others wanted them more than I did.

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If you have other German gauges from WWII or earlier please post them showing the markings.

If you have chamber gauges from other countries that date from 1945 or earlier, please start another Topic and post them also.

If you spot a 8x19mm chamber gauge for sale or trade, and are not interested in it yourself, please let me know! I’d be very greatful…


Hi Lew,
“H.u.K.” in this case is not Heckler und Koch (came into being only after WW2) but the (in Germany) very well known company of Hahn und Kolb, located in Stuttgart. For many years they even had a big shop in downtown Stuttgart where they sold tools and items like calipers etc.
The scripted logo says “Feinprüf” but I do not know the long name of this company.

As you may have guessed, the 34E… is the drawing number for the gauge. 34 denotes the type of materiel (Stoffklasse in German). For example, rifle and pistol cartridges were Stoffklasse 13 (infantry equipment, official name not known to me) and the PP08 had drawing number 13E9017.

Keep in mind these were for checking headspace of locked breech weapons: lock on the GO and do not lock on the NO-GO. On blowback weapons like MP40 there is no fixed headspace as such.

P.S.: WH is simply Wehrmacht Heer. It was also used on license plates, WL for Luftwaffe and WM for Marine.

P.P.S: I found out that “Feinprüf” is a trademark of Carl Mahr, Esslingen, also a well know company in this field.

CORRECTION: Its not Stoffklasse but Stoffgebiet.

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If any of you have German chamber gauges from WWI or earlier, please post them or send me images and I will post them. I know that there are many variations.

JPeelen, many thanks for the information!!! Much appreciated.


Lew: The Erma-marked gage was also intended for the Luftwaffe, I believe. The marking “R.L.M.” identifies the Reichsluftfahrtministerium, the ministry responsible for administration of the Luftwaffe. Jack

Dear Jochen,

here a little bit more info on Feinprüf. The Name during wartime was Feinprüf-Feinmess-und Prüfgeräte GmbH and was mainly situated at Göttingen (and was founded 1936 as daughtercompany of Carl Mahr Esslingen (Mahr itself was founded 1861 at Esslingen by Carl Mahr) ,
Under the following link a brief History of the buildings at Göttingen, stating that they mainly made Gauges and Toolings for the Army, and where specialized on Toolings/Gauges for Bullets (and field/Barrelgauges).


Here some photos from the barrelgauges and the trademark on them (feinprüf)


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Thank you for that, Peter. I wish I had such a set of 7.9 mm gauges.

I found it, with other things in 1989 at a DDR-Policestation (VOPO) near Schönebeck (before the “liberation” 1990, or the stealings from the western companies/and/or other police forces from the west started :-))…
There was a full warehouse with all guns (also antik ones) stockpiled, from Sachsenrevolver, to Makarov-Revolvers, yes, Revolvers, HK Silenced MP5 SMGs (in Eastgermany !! delivered via a small gunshop in Austria and many without serials)…I got this set as a gift for helping sorting trough their stuff, and putting good antics in an extra place, before they may disappear…The antics where from KOKO (Schalck-Golodkowskis Devisenbeschaffer-Abteilung) to be sold to West-Germany (one Company in HH) or very rare ones, via british Auctionhouses…
Schalck had its very own “Imperium” with that, more or less uncontrolled, as his work was more or less not official, just getting the most money out on profit for his DDR-State…
I think only STASI had really known, the whole activities from him…after the downbreak he settled without any problems (*)in Westgermany at Tegernsee…protected by BND…
His protection where also some CDs, which he brought with him, and of course later stated, to be “empty”
Similar infos where in the Rosenholtz-Data, taken away from the US-Secret services, before the breakdown of the east german Gov…
They where later handed over ( i think for sure, after “cleaning”) to the west german Gov…

I should write a book :-)), but better not…

PS:Triebel (Gunsmith toolmaking company…not the Berlin Dealersshop Triebel) is making today newly similar gauge-sets, but are very expensive…