German 9mm Parabellum

What does the dash in the headstamp indicate?

It means there is only one flash hole for the primer instead of two. Basiclly done as a production expediant towards the end of the war.

Thanks, dak21

This marking, the long dash, was also used by Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria on 9mm (and other calibers) headstamps follwoing WWII, and designationg the same thing - a single flash hole.

In doing some research on trying to identify certain 9mm codes, that at that time were not known as they were alphabetically past the “ozz” code, the last code listed in the various editions of the official German Code Lists that were found, I discovered at least one example of a single flash hole used in the lot number before they added the dash to the headstamp. At least some cartridges headstamped “rfo St+ 3 45” have only a single flash hole. The dash was added to the headstamp at lot 4 (rfo - St+ 4 45). There may be other instances of this, but I have not found any.