German 9mm Plastic Exercise Rounds

I am working on an article on German red and black plastic exercise cartridges similar to the ones shown below. I have documented headstamps with codes P, aux, ay, lpk and nts, as well as ones with no headstamps at all. I also have documented one with only EX on the headstamp. This will all be in the article.

What I need is images of the boxes these rounds come in, and if possible, the actual headstamp (or lack thereof) of the rounds that come in the box.

Any help appreciated.


I assume you want only information on the ones made during the Third Reich era, and will not include ones made in the DDR?

Hi Lew,

Is there a possibility that you add also the 7,9x57 in your article??
Most of the info would also go for the 7,9 and images of the 7,9 would be no problem.


John, The article only goes through 1945, but I will show the DDR black plastic to illustrate the difference between that and the Polte black plastic without headstamp.

451ktr, I’ll send you an email.