German accessory


this is a german accessory for the 150 x 55 Haubitzer shell.
Could somebody translate and explain the use of this cross?


I can hardly read the text but this is a primer protector for the case. It got snapped onto the case head. The British used such devices a lot.


Here a British one:



Is the 155 x 55 shell common ?


That you need to ask a WWI collector in France or Germany.


I am not talking about the fact to have or not a sample, but rather to know if this shell is known or not


Here it needs clarification on the case dimensions and also if it is cut down or not. Again a specialist is required…


Primer protectors were quite common with US Navy cased ammunition. Especially for mounts where the case is transferred to the gun via electric hoists. They were called a “butterfly” by Gunners Mates because of their shape. They were removed by the powderman prior to putting the case in the loading tray.

It’s interesting that at least one butterfly was manufactured for each case and yet they are almost never seen in collections. If anyone actually has one I’d like to hear from you.



it is not cut down

name : 15 cm Haubitzer
Case length: 55 mm
Rim diameter: 170;5 mm
Rim thickness: 5 mm
base diameter (at 12.5 mm above the rim): 152 mm
outside mouth diameter: 156 mm
inside mouth diameter : 154 mm