German ammo box

This german box is recently sold on a dutch Internet site.
It has a stamp on it in green ink that says SONDERPULVER ( without powder )
anyone seen this before. I think it`s a stamp from after the war because it makes no sense to load ammo without powder.


Sonderpulver in German would mean “special powder,” whatever that might be. From the box label it appears these cartridges were originally loaded with perforated stick type propellant. Some of the aircraft MG ctgs were loaded with powder of that general type, but whether or not of this specific formulation I don’t know. JG



That is a interesting label! I have never seen a

I translated sonderpulver wrong, Im sorry. Therefore I didnt notice the special powder stamp " Nz R.P. ( 1,1.1,3 / 0,2) "
Anyone knows anything about this kind of powder.


Are the powder dimensions 1,1-1,3/0,2 or 1,1-1,5/0,2? With my poor old tired eyes I can

It`s 1,1-1,3/0,2


Thanks. And thanks a lot for showing the box and label.


Its not "Nz. Gew. Bl. R. P. (1,8-1,3-0,2) SmK-H and V-munition (tubular)
but Np (Nitro Penta) Gew R. P. (1,8-1,3-0,2)


I always knew I couldn’t type worth a hoot, but now it seems I can’t read either.

G.Bl.P: Gewehr Blattchen Pulver== Rifle Flake Powder ( Blattchen means “little flat item”)…hence the Latin name for Cockroach “Blatta/ae”.

G.R.P. or simply R.P; Rohren Pulver (Tubular Powder “Rohr” ==Tube)

St.P. Stabchen Pulver: Punched disc powder (used in Pistol cartridges and Blanks)

It seems that 1940 was the culmination of German attempts to make US style Tubular NC Powder, for use in Aircraft MGs (more reliable at high altitudes, and more progressive burning). Hence the "Sonder-Pulver(Special Powder)…Sonder(special) as in “SonderKommando” of the Death camps.

Doc AV
AV ballistics.