German ammo set

I just came from The Military Vehicle Association Spring Swap-Meet in sunny New Jersey. Got this set what the seller said to be an 88mm shell with 20mm drinking cups. All very professionally tooled. The question is: What function does a large shell cup carry in this set if it has a patent primer well which will leak any liquid out?

I would put a plastic bag inside it, fill with ice and chill some schnapps. Maybe whatever performed this function originally is missing?


It’s a salad bowl.

Do the six small “cups” stack inside the single large “bowl”? Perhaps it was made more as a carrier than as a punch bowl.

As per your advice, it is very plausable.

They may even fit better if you were to alternate the cups up-down-up-down around the edge. A nice find, regardless.

The large shell case would of been used as an ice bucket