German Ammunition Acquisition & Logistics 1919-1945

Now I have a question.

I add the first page from a German final report about the testing from the cartridge made with an additional crimp for use in a MG 81.
This MG was so fast that the bullets were pressed in the case.

This final report was made by E’Stelle Rechlin in June 1943.

It was send to (Verteiler).

The first two only get the first page you also see here.

I know E’Stelle Tarnewitz.

Who is “J” and “E6”
Well the GL/C-E‘s are a also a mystery for me.

Perhaps JPeelen can help out.


GL is the official abbreviation of “Generalluftzeugmeister”, at the time Erhard Milch (after Ernst Udet had committed suicide on 10th Nov 1941, shooting himself with his S&W M1917 .45 revolver) had this position.
Its exact organizational structure is not known to me, but obviously (to someone who worked in the german civil service), the distribution list says:
GL/C is one of its directorates, I believe C is “Technisches Amt” (could be Planungsamt).
E 6 is a section of directorate C and E 6 V is a subsection of E 6 responsible for the ammunition.
“GL/C - Chef” is the Chief of Staff of directorate C (only to inform him on the existence of the report, he will not want to be bothered with details and therefore gets only the cover page)
K.d.E. - in my opinion “Kommando der Erprobungsstellen” the military body in charge of all Luftwaffe proving grounds regarding adminstrative, disciplinary matters and the like.
“GL/C-E Chef” goes to the Chief of Staff of GL/C-E who will pass it on to the head of GL/C-E6 (satisfying hierarchically correct red tape).
GL/C-E 6 V - at last the copies for subsection V of section E 6 where the actual work on the problem treated in this report is done.
E[rprobungs]stelle Tarnewitz (as you know) also worked on armament matters (FG 42 was tested there)
J and E6 are in my view addresses within the originating Erprobungsstelle Rechlin. I would expect J to be the library and E6 the originating group (same as unreadable bottom left corner).

By the way, Dr. Burgsmüller later became head of the Bundeswehr Erprobungsstelle 91 at Meppen.

you have assembled a very impressive paper, which will take some time to take in.

You caught me.Chapter X is titled “German Air Force” but the organizational chart is unreadable and I am trying to figure out how to scan it in parts to make it readable. The word ammunition only shows up in three places in this Chapter, so it is on the “TO DO” list!

More in the next version-I hope.


I have added the Luftwaffe section and also some old documents that I can’t convert to pdf text. Two of these deal with the Navy and strategic materials.

The document is now too big to post it here. Send me an PM with your email address and I will try to send it to you if you are interested.

Still looking for further information on this subject.


Sorry, the file is over 80Mb and I can’t send it by email. I am looking for another alternative.

Suggestions welcome. I will likely have to break it down as two or more files.

Lew you can send large PDFs to individuals using Dropbox:


I have broken the supplements down into individual files, butall Supplements are a problem. I will divide them and post seperately.

German Munition Organization-body-30Sep19.pdf (3.3 MB) .

Here is an attempt at Sup 3 pt1a. Part 1 was too big to load correctly

Ordnance Organization Outline Supplement#3pt1a-30Sep19.pdf (4.3 MB)

And Sup 3 Pt 2

Ordnance Organization Outline Supplement#3pt2-30Sep19.pdf (4.2 MB)

Lew - SUP 3 pt1 and Sup 3 Pt2 appear to be identical???

John M.

And here is the other half of Sup 3 Pt 1 (i.e. Pt 1b.

Ordnance Organization Outline Supplement#3Pt1b-30Sep19.pdf (4.4 MB)

Now we start on Sup 2 which is now in 6 sections Part 1a & b, Part 2 a & b and Part 3 a & b.

Sorry about the confusion but it was difficult for me to redo these into bites the Forum would accept.

Here is Sup 2 part 1a

Ordnance Organization Outline Supplement#2Pt1a-30Sep19.pdf (4.9 MB)

Here is Sup 2 part 1bOrdnance Organization Outline Supplement#2Pt1b-30Sep19.pdf (4.6 MB)

Here is Sup 2 part 2a

Ordnance Organization Outline Supplement#2Pt2a-30Sep19.pdf (4.6 MB)

Here is Sup 2 part 2b

Ordnance Organization Outline Supplement#2Pt2b-30Sep19.pdf (3.0 MB)

Here is Sup 2 part 3a

Ordnance Organization Outline Supplement#2Pt3a-30Sep19.pdf (4.6 MB)

Here is Sup 2 part 3b

Ordnance Organization Outline Supplement#2Pt3b-30Sep19.pdf (2.6 MB)

Sup 1 is two documents, but the file is about 3 meg per page so Sup #1 is divided into 7 parts as inputs below.

Ordnance Organization Outline Supplement#1 pt1-30Sep19.pdf (6.7 MB)

Sup 1 Part 2:

Ordnance Organization Outline Supplement#1 pt2-30Sep19.pdf (6.7 MB)

Sup 1 Part 3:

Ordnance Organization Outline Supplement#1 pt3-30Sep19.pdf (6.7 MB)

Sup 1 Part 4:

Ordnance Organization Outline Supplement#1 pt4-30Sep19.pdf (6.7 MB)