German ammunition from 1916 found in jerusalem

magdeburg polt 1916 fer
found in soviners shop at jerusalem old market
can enyone tell if it was in use for Otmans army or the English army during ww1
thank you

By the Germans themselfes as it was the German Asien Korps (Asia-Corps) which was in Palestine back in WW1.
There is even a German war cemetary in Nazareth. … stina.html … n_Nazareth … DS0QsAQILA

We used to park our farm equipment at an old German WWI airfield in the Jezreel Valley. I have old German ammo in my collection that I got in Israel, but I never saw any in a gift shop. Interesting find!
I guess it could also have gotten to Jerusalem via German supplies to Egypt, Syria, or any Palestinian groups just forming during and just after WWI into the 1930s.

the size is 75x276 ±
I will do more study abut german troops in that area during ww1
the shell was decoreited with carves of the tumb of the rock and was for sale for turists

can i send you pic via e-mail to help me uploud it to the foum?

I PM’d my email address to you.

Here are Joel’s pics of the German case he found in Jerusalem:

This one should be for a “7,7 cm Feldkanone 96 n.A.”.