German ammunition from 1943

Hi! I was recently given 2 boxes of ammo from 1943, that I believe to be from “Rheinisch-Westfälische Sprengstoff A.-G., Werk Durlach” (from what i could gather on google). Is this collectible and is there any more info that someone could share with me?

Your identification is correct. While a quite common box, all of these
16 round boxes are collectible for anyone who doesn’t have the exact
label already. The cases were made by RWS (Vormals Gunstav Genschow)
at Durlach, near Ettlingen and Karlsruhe, in 1943. The ammunition was loaded
by the same company as loading lot 6 of 1943, according to the labe. The primers
are of the type 08/40, and likely made by the same company, although that is all
of the information readable on this label due to the angle at which it is photographed.

I don’t know what other info there is to be had, except for non-visible portions of the
loading data. The 16 round boxes were originally for loading two magazines for the
Pistole 08, the normal issue with that pistol. Two boxes will load the 32 round magazine
of an MP 40 or other Machine Pistols with that capacity magazine.

Not much else to say about it, from what we can see here.

John Moss

Thank You!!