German Army seeking 7.62mm DMR

Interesting info, not sure if it has been noted here on IAA.

Really interesting to me is the Netherlands looking for a .260 Remington [6.5x51mm] DMR!

And before anyone says it, yes, this info could already be out of date, and always subject to change…

I am not sure what to make of this, the Bundeswehr has a 7.62x51 DMR already which is the G28 (HK417).

Photo from Heckler&Koch:

Looking for smaller and lighter is what it sounds like to me…

I wonder how much lighter it gets in 7.62x51 then.

Get rid of half that forearm, and a smaller scope and make it at least a pound lighter, and that makes at least one more loaded magazines, maybe?

You mean like the G28E3 Patrol, 16", short handguard, already in use with a S&B shortdot?

Hey, beats me, it was simply conjecture.