German, austrian, belgian, italian proof house documents

I am looking for any:
or Austrian
or Belgian
or Italian
or Russian
official normes before 1961 (and specially before WWII) about ctges.

What I call official normes are papers where they give dimensions of ctges, of bore, of the proof pressure and so on.

In Belgian it is called Banc d epreuve de Liege rules.
(in England it is called Birmingham Proof rules,
in France it is called Banc d Epreuve de St Etienne rules).
In the US you call that SAAMI and in Europe we call that CIP now.
(and they are still a little bite different even nowadays, (: !!)

Before 1900 they are difficult to find, I agree, (despite the fact I go back till 1855 for England and 1700 for France) , but for the ones after it must not be too hard for somebody living in the country.