German cartridges for the M30 "Luftwaffendrilling"

An interesting question has emerged as for the cartridges issued for the German M30 “Luftwaffendrilling” (tripple barrel) hunting rifle. This gun was issued to aircrews which flew sorties behind enemy lines and in widely unpopulated areas.
The German manual on the ammunition is not explicitely stating if the ammunition is made for the Luftwaffe and respectively bearing military markings. This fact together with the situation that no such marked ammunition and boxes have been found by specialized researchers lead to the assumption that commercially available ammunition was used.

Does anybody have reliable and confirmed info on the exact kinds of ammunition used?
Means like contemporary photographs or even documentation?
I am not speaking of the Luftwaffe manual L.Dv. 4000/10, this one is known already (and does not contain the wanted info).

For better understanding here an mage of the gun (source: internet):

I was suggested to check the M30 manual (dated 1941) of which I have only a lousy copy but the image there is basically supporting what I was told before.
Anybody with a better image than mine?

And what do I have here?


Willem, you are having the 12/70 trap/skeet cartridge for the Doppelflinte (pilot training for deflection shooting) which was forbidden to be used with the M30.
These are a different issue.
The M30 cartridges were 12/65.

I do not have a source image or text but what I have been told by people who have handled original crates confirms it was supplied with civilian packed ammunition (RWS 9,3x74R, Brenneke slugs and Rottweil Waidmannsheil). I believe this is mentioned on several German language forums as well based on what I’ve been linked to on before.


Dutch,is this the headstamp and OSC on your 70mm cartridge?
Regards Finn

Hi Finn

Head stamp yes.


Thanks Alex!

An article in “Guns” back in the 60s did a review of an original bringback Luftwaffe Drillig kit salvaged form a capturedbomber in Tunisia 1943.
It was 12x65 +8x57JRS. The ammo in the kit was German made shotshells for smallgame, but the rifle barrel ammo was re-packed Netherlands 7,9 x 57R SCHWARZELOSE MG ammo. Dimensionally very similar to 8mm JRS, but often confused by collectors as Dutch airforce 7.7x56R aka .303. The rifle ammo of course was FMJ.
Interesting since most Dutch small arms etc ended up in the Atlantic wall, with Dutch brass and German Made steel cased ammo (6 5 P.S. n.1). The 7.9 x57 R was
P.S.n.23. Steel case version of this MG cartridge is unknown at present.

Doc AV

I wonder what gun it was as the M30 has a 9.3mm caliber on the rifled barrel.