German code identity


This is a little outside my normal area, but does anyone know who the WW2 German code “dag” represented? It is on a naval 10.5cm shell.

The immediate reaction is to think it might be Gustav Genschow as they became Dynamit AG post war and still use DAG as a code, but I am not so sure.

Any help appreciated.



Orion Metallwarenfabrik G.m.b.H., Kremmen/Mark, Nauener Str.


The wartime ‘dag’ (small letters) is “Orion” Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, Kremmen
They are known for gunparts and signal/illuminating ammunition.

‘DAG’ (capitol letters) is postwar for Dynamit AG (and divisions), as you stated.


Many thanks gentlemen, I knew I could rely on you all.