German DM28 Energa rifle gren. practice tail section

I acquired this recently, can anyone tell me what it is? The centre section is a length of aluminium tube 135mm (approx 5.3") long, its external diameter is 28mm, and internal diameter is 22mm. It has a thread on the forward end that extendeds 15mm down the outside of the tube. The fins are semi rigid blue plastic and are held on by a steel circlip. One fin looks to have been torn off. What is this? I guess it would be part of some kind of TP munition due to its blue colour. There are no markings of any kind. My thoughts are that this is the tail section of a rifle grenage or mortar of some kind. I however did think it could be part of some sort of civilian item such as an avalanche control rocket.

Looks like a practice rifle grenade tail.

I was given this, the guy who gave it to mwsaid he thought it was part of a Rifle Grenade. Leaves the question now of which type, era and country.

German DM28 Energa practice.

Cheers EOD. I have two of these, both with the fin torn off.


Here in the US, I have seen US pattern rifle grenades with one of the tail fins bent or broken off in order to make them unusable. This process was called “de-mil” or “de-militarization”, and was done to allow the item to be sold as surplus. Perhaps a similar thing was done to your specimens for similar reasons?


Could well be the case, perhaps these were sold off for scrap metal etc. I take it a fin is torn off to stop someone finding the appropriate weapon and a rifle grenade blank and trying it out.

That is my understanding.


The DM 28 plastic fins usually broke after impact on the ground. For reuse there were separate spare fins in the supply chain. Think these were not demilled.