German dnh 9mm Parabellum box


Any info about this box is welcome



I think this is a box for the Police, SS (but proably not the Waffen SS) or some other non-military organization. On the back or end flaps should be a date code indicating when the box was loaded. The code should have two numbers and I expect the first code is probably X but may be Y or perhaps Z. X would indicate the box was loaded in 1943, but sometimes the cases in these boxes was loaded and/or packed years after the case was made. The second code should be one of the following letters and indicates the month of manufacture:
Note that the letters above are only a guess at the order and may be in totally incorrect order.

I would be very interested in knowing the code. There is a whole series if this brass case ammunition made by Geco during the war. They were making brass cases in 1944! I suspect it was intended for use in Luger pistols since it is reputed to operate better in the stepped chamber of the Luger than the steel case ammunition. Reportedly there is a German Police document that mentions the use of steel case ammunition in MPs. I just received a copy and have not had time to try to run it through the translator program.

There are also somewhat similar boxes made by RWS which were probably for the police. I have recently been trying to learn more about this ammunition, and how and where the police type organizations obtained their ammunition, but it has been slow going.

Any information or thoughts would be appreciated.



Lew thanks for the information…
on the pict the flap of the box



Thanks, I think!!! You make life complicated. VC would be some month in 1941. The boxes I have documented with V year codes (VO and VS) have P405 headstamps from 1940. The only thing I can figure is that the outer box and the tray got switched at some time, or less likely is that the box was reused but not restamped.

You have always been a troublemaker!!!

Seriously, Many thanks for this box. Another datapoint.