German Dummy Rounds

To paraphrase something I saw on a Woodin Laboratory photograph, here are German dummy rounds “in profusion and confusion”, made for various purposes (not all really exerzierpatronen) from the Model 1888 until the year 1945. They are not in any really great order, and I am sure that some look alike in the photo, but they are all different. For example, the nickeld ones with three knuyrled bans are found with and without bullet cores. The shiny chromed werkzeugpatronen are found with two different heads - a real primer cup or a small indentation for firing pin clearance, and are found in chromed brass case, nickled brass case (one example only with P28 headstamp), bright-chromed steel case, and a dull finish, possibly still chrome, on a steel case. In the case of the copper-washed steel fluted rounds with normal type sS bullet, some have normal primer cups, but P151 (RWS) made them with a aluminum plug filling the primer pocket. They have a deep, virtually always off center indentation to clear the firing pin - I wonder if it really will they are so badly off-center. The indentations look like they were done as an after thought on all of my specimens (5 or 6).

The six rounds coming after the magazine drum insert cartridges at the bottom left are all commercially-headstamped dummies, although they are all of the military type.except the last one, which has no ID except for being completely chromed and is headstamp “RWS 8X57 J.” The one with sptizer bullet, chromed all over and three knurled rings is headstamp “K DWM K 571.” The fluted ones include “K DWM K 366HA”; "DWM K"
with serif letters (Model 88 type); and two with “DWM K” headstamp with no serifs on the letters, both of the 1920s and 30s type but one with longer neck than the other.

I am sure that this only represents a good start on the variations that could be found. In the case of many of these, I have them from many different years and makers, for a total of well over 100 German dummy rounds, not counting any from West German, East Germany, or the combined German Federal Republic. They, combined with 7.9 dummies from other countries, are an interesting field all by themselves.

John Moss

Some good ones there. There are a couple of fellows who only collect dummies. There are lots of them and a huge variety.