German "DWM K M88H K" 8x51


Something made me measure this round. I was surprised to find that it measured about 8x51mm, not 8x57 I expected. What is it?


Hi vlad,
It’s for a Mauser Sporting rifle. And may be known with a 366L headstamp also. I’m not sure if that would have the DWM hs, or have something to do with Lorenz. WBD may fill us in…There is also a rimmed version.
I have a WESTERN 8M/M headstamp with this case, but I don’t know if it was also loaded by UMC, USCCo or Winchester.



Dan - are you sure your WESTERN 8M/M case is 51 mm long? Just
wondered, because one day I pulled a Western round so headstamped
out of my 7.9 (8) mm collection, because I noted the case was a little short,
and it turned out to be an 8 mm Mannlicher-Schönauer cartridge.

John Moss


Hi John,
I can see where the 8x56 Mannlicher would be mistook for the 7.9 Mauser, but the 8x51 is a lot shorter. The neck length is about the same, but the shoulder is way lower. Also, it looks like the shoulder diameter is different. Some notes, I checked…+/-…
K DWM K M88H C/L is 50.51mm and shoulder diameter is 11.06mm (.435 inch).
WESTERN 8 M/M C/L is 49.79mm and shoulder is 11.07mm (.435 inch).
K DWM K 528 C/L is 56.15mm and shoulder is 10.79mm (.424 inch).
WESTERN 8M/M MANN-SCHOEN C/L is 56.28mm and shoulder is 10.87mm (.428 inch).
And the 8x56 Mannlicher-Schöenauer bullets are all longer on my examples, than on the two 8x51 cartridges. Also, there is always the possibility the first Western is a reload, but it does not look like it. It maybe listed in the Western catalogs…
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to answer your question: M88H, also called M88 kurz, DWM case number 366L, is indeed a well known hunting cartridge which was used in a shorter, lighter version of the Mauser 98 action. Later it was named 8 x 51. I do not know where the H in the name comes from. The 8 x 57 was M88/8 (used for both bullet diameters, as unbelievable as it may sound).
As you correctly identified, your 8 x 51 uses the smaller 8 mm bullet diameter that became so popular for civilian use. No 8 x 51 version for the larger S bullet diameter was made.


Jochem, The “H” as in “M88H” comes from it’s position in the DWM M88 Series as shown in the picture at the bottom of the following post:


Dan - thanks for the reply. I know that the 8 mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer cartridge has a case 5 mm longer than the 8 x 51 mm Mauser sporting round. I just thought that since my 8 x 56 had the identical headstamp to the cartridge you described, there might have been a error in measuring it. That happens to me when I try to read a dial indicator without my reading glasses. :-(

I am surprised that Western would make such a caliber as the 8 x 51.

John M.


thank you for the information. I should have had a look at the 1904 catalogue.