German ECRA Meeting-25-27 April 2013

Is anyone from the US going to attend this meeting. I will be attending. Always a good meeting.

If you are going to be in northern Germany that weekend, think about attending. Pre-registration is required - before the end of Feb if you are not a German. The meeting is only open to ECRA and IAA members.


The only show I know of with a bar in the middle of the showroom. -:)


I know that. In fact, that is where I often see you!

See you there again in April…


Lew I think we see you in march at the SLICS… Dutch are you coming??


Harry, I must be fair. I do not know.

As you know my deer fiend Phil Butler was passed away during the Saint Louis show.
Unfortunately I heard about it when I was home again.
I visit him a week before a few times in hospital and he looks there very bad already.
He was as a friend a part of the show for me.