German ECRA Meeting

Last week we had the German ECRA meeting in Aerzen.
New location but as always, well organized.
Good crowd from all over Europe and the US.
Also the International ECRA show in September 2018 will be here.

Here are some impressions

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It was an excellent meeting, and I found some great items! Friday evening I packed and had my 5kg that I am allowed in hand carry baggage. On Saturday morning I was offered a DWM Navy 16 round box from 1910! No space in my weight allowance and no time to repack to make room so it went home with a friend and I will see it again at the Swiss ECRA meeting in September!

Well worth the trip, and a great opportunity to spend time with a lot of friends. A very cordial meeting and well worth a visit!


Sure looks like fun to me.

There seems to be something missing, though…where’s the bar? ;-)


Any chance of some pictures of any of items you found (when you have time)???


GREAT PICTURES!!! Thanks for posting them.

Looks like there were lots of interesting items and people.


I write here due to topic title.
Does anyone know the date of the show?
Has it been defined?
Thank you so much!

Alas, martin86, the show is over…20-21 April… But this year, Germany organises the international ECRA show too, held on 21-22 September also in Aerzen. Yes, I recommend it!

thanks for the info.


Lew, you will see that 1910 navy box in Germany I would say. :-)