German Explosive Ordnance (Projectiles and Projectile Fuzes)

This Army/Air Force report is a very large DTIC download.

German Explosive Ordnance (Projectiles and Projectile Fuzes)

I have an original copy of this manual, It is Army Technical Manual TM 9-1985-3 and Air Force TO 39B-1A-10. I have had this manual for many years. It was published March, 1953. Glad to see that it is available online. I have had many people ask if I knew where they could get it. It is the best thing I have found on the fuzes as it shows cut-aways of all the different types, plus give complete info on the projectiles.

There must be a companion manual to this that covers all the different German artillary case types but I have never seen or heard of one. Anyone know of such a manual, either online (hopefully) or hard copy?

I bought a copy of this from my friend John Winters, he said the other volume covers other explosive ordnance like bombs, mines, torpedos, etc…

I haven’t heard of one that covers the actual cartridge cases either…

To all interested parties.

I can offer for trade against other documents the 1st part of the “German Explosive Ordnance” covering all “non artillery ammo” and also the German large bore propellant case catalog (German doc).

E-versions only!
Trade by upload.