German export during WW2

I have this cartridge.
It is a 6.5 x 55 Sweden Mauser.

Now I have two questions;
For which country is cartridge was made

Which plant made this round? Could it be made by FN

Willem, I think this could be contract ammunition for Sweden and made by DWM. I know of an equal documented headstamp of 1942. It’s quite possible FN made these as the Herstalplant came under DWM again in WWII during occupation. But only a guess…

Sweden received several calibres of Ammunition made in the IIIrd. Reich by several makers.
7,9 for the M39 Kar98k, 6,5 M41 for the upgraded M38 short rifles, 9mm Parabellum.
Factories ( with commercial headstamps) include DWM and S&B. With DWM, it could be one of several plants under their control.
The Packets may indicate factory in the labels.
This German-made ammo (and rifles ) was in exchange for SKF Ball Bearings and Swedish Iron Ore and other strategic
Doc AV

Thank you,

I was also wondering about the round nose bullet.

I have the 1942 issue however what I always wondered was did they issue a 1943 one
If someone has one I would like to know for interest sake

This charger has been a mystery since it turned up in several kilograms of Swedish 6,5x55 ones I bought a number of years ago, apart from a K&C one this was the only non-Swedish example.

Is it known if the wartime supplies to Germany were packed in chargers ?


Germany also delivered 20x138B and 37x250R.
Besides this they made some machinery for 13.2x96 and 20x145R steel cases.