German Fluted Dummies-Pre-1945


This is a test of using Google online storage for my photos, but thought I’d try something that may interest some of you.

I only know of three fluted 9x19mm dummies made in Germany before the end of WWII. These are pictured below.

The round headstamped “DWM K” is illustrated in the DWM Case book as 480C3. I know of 6 of these dummies. The Spandau headstamped fluted dummy was one of three dug up together in Germany within the last 10 years. The 487C dummy is the only one I know of and was in a very good 9x19mm collection from at least the mid-1960s when I first learned of it until a few years ago.



Interesting info, but no luck with the photos.



Your photos show up just fine on my end. As Jon said, great information and thank you for posting those very rare items.



Ah, my school software was blocking the host site. I right-clicked on the image and told the blocking software that the site was trusted. Now I get the pics.


Lew, great dummies, thanks for sharing!

The 480C1 dummy with truncated cone bullet and plain case was still listed in the BKIW 1928 catalog, but not in the 1926 or 1930 catalogs. As far as I can tell the “new” 480C3 dummy with round nose bullet and unfluted case was first listed in the BKIW 1935 catalog. The one you show at right is a 480C2 dummy but it seems it was not listed in any commercial catalogs.

The first one has a great headstamp and it doesn’t match any of the documented DWM dummies. Very interesting.


Nice test, the photos are clear and crisp, can you post the instructions for the rest of us in the Admin area? thanks Vic