German fuse box with Tokarevs


Got this at Williamsport. It is a German fuse box which Finns used to store captured Soviet ammo. Cool sentence soaked in WWII history. I have a firm commitment from a known Tokarev maniac to respond to this thread. He wanted to see the headstamps inside the box. Here they are…


Now that is a super box! I have never seen one like it before, in any caliber. Great find Vlad.

John Moss


The box had about 100 Tokarevs of various dates, the coolest one is the double headstamp “541 43”.


That double stamp is neat. The box wasn’t sealed when you got it, was it? I bet not, as the 1948 rounds shouldn’t be there, were probably later non-Finn additions. There are two Finnish repack variations that I’ve seen; a standard 25 rounder that is also used with 9x19s, and this recycled German fuse container. There are a couple of Soviet Tokarev headstamps that I have only seen in the Finn repack boxes, one being the very rare "K / * / 44 / * / ".


Not sealed, correct.