German (Geco) 9mm P08 Rounds with extremely light bullets


The round below came out of the collection of an advanced US 9mm collector who has been basically inactive for over 30 years. The bullet color is a dark brownish-purple, very distinctly NOT black. Even more unusual is that the round weighs only 69gr when a steel case mE load weighs about 160gr.

Hst: dnh St+ 8 43

From a totally different source, the two rounds below:
Top: The owner of this round took it apart because it was so light. The base appeared to be lead so he cut it out with a knife. The filling appears to be tar. On the card are the remains of the lead wafer covering the back of the bullet. The total weight of the items shown, including the card is 97gr. Hst: dnh St+ 5 44
Bottom: From a European source. This round weighs 94gr. The case finish is unusually black. Hst: dnh St+ 1 42

In addition, the Woodin Laboratory has a brass case round in the collection with a green band across the base which reportedly has an aluminum core in the bullet. Hst: dnh * 2 42.

Finally, A German collector, who has no collected for many years and long ago disposed of his collection, has an aluminum core for a 9mm bullet that reportedly came out of the Geco factory at the end of WWII.

There is a rumor that DWM Lubeck ran some tests late in the war on these light weight bullets using assorted cases, but the consistent Geco connection and the broad set of sources makes this seem unlikely to me.

Having said this, there is another P08 round with a green stripe across the base and reportedly an aluminum core headstamped dou * 101 41. The overall weight is 103gr.

Does anyone out there have one of these light weight rounds???

Does anyone have any documentation, or other information on these rounds???

Any ideas, thoughts or other assistance is appreciated.



Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

I couldn’t stand it so I pulled the bullet from the dnh St+ 1 42 round pictured at bottom above to see if it had an Aluminum core. What I found was a silvery base seal like that found on a tracer!!! Or, maybe it is tar filled with the silver metal foil shield glued on???

I was amazed because I had traded a US collector some years ago for a Polte round with a red pa and a light weight. The owner had decided to take it apart. Pictured below is that round with the copper closure from the base of the bullet. The bullet as pictured weighs 99.2gr so it can’t be a lead core or an mE with some bits of something glued on the bottom! So, what is it???

Now I am really confused and would appreciate any thoughts.




Is it maybe Zink?


Maybe, I have no idea!