German Generic 9x19mm boxes

In my last post to JPs interesting post on “Vollwertig” boxes I said I would post some Generic boxes like the one that I posted from Rolf Foerster’s collection (reposted at the bottom below). Here they are and I am interested in opinions on the use of these boxes. I also have quesitons on some of them.

Rolf called and translated the 2nd label as

[quote]Production Date and Powder Delivery
Inspected and New Packing by:[/quote]

He also translated the second line of the 3rd box as

On the 4th and 5th below, they appear to be blank labels to be filled in by hand. Both boxes show evidence of being packed with cartridges but neither has had any information entered on the label. Any idea what these were used for.

The 6th box below had normal looking steel case cartridges headstamped “dnf St+ 6 43” and were loaded with SE bullets. If they were loaded near the date of case manufacture then they would have been fairly early SE loads. This is the earliest date I have on an RWS/dnf SE load.

The label on the 7th box (second from bottom) confounds me. It appears to probably read “Pist. Patr. 08/9m/m Z” or perhaps “08/9Z”. What is the meaning of the “Z”???

If anyone can fill in the missing parts of the labels and let me know what the original label was, along with a translation of the labels I would greatly appreciate it (Hint, Hint Dutch-may be worth a glass of cheap wine at SLICS)


Rolf Foerster Photo

Here are some more “anonymous” German 9 mm Parabellum-caliber boxes.

The top three boxes (first two lines) are obviously from DWM. The orange one with no label at the top row left has the marking " 9 m/m" in purple ink towards the left end and slightly higher than middle of the box. It is indiscernible in the picture. I could not make it legible. I received it empty. The one on the top row, next to the orange box, is for the “G B” headstamp made by DWM for the Spanish Civil War. I do not know the history of the “Denmark” stamp on the box. The box on the second row, also in Spanish and for the CW there, has brass-case, brass-primer cup, CNCS FMJ bullet, and no headstamp. No primer or neck seals.

The next two boxes are obviously from Dynamit Nobel (Geco/RWS). The top one (Row three) has rounds headstamped “dnf * 5 41” while the next one down, the one marked “Oeldicht” (oil-proof) was received empty.

The bottom left box is marked only “08mE Bescuss” and contained steel cased rounds with all green base headstamped “asb St+ 13 44” and have a plain GMCS FMJ bullet. The box on the bottom right is clearly marked. It is a WWI type basic blue box, still factory sealed. The top label is the third labeling if the box was originally printed right on the box itself, the second labeling if it was not. A similar box had normal Polte all nickeled Exerzierpatr. in it - the type with only a small firing pin-clearance indentation in the head, not a real primer cup, and had mixed dates. I chose not to open this box.

Two more anonymous labels in the German language, on 50-round 9 mm Parabellum boxes. I feel that these are actually Austrian, and not German. The construction is identical to the “SOS” brand box shown only for comparison. That box is stamped “Industrie Austriaca.” The two anonymous boxes were both received empty.
The color of the label of the red-labeled box in the middle leads me to believe that it was made by Hirtenberger.
If so, it is likely all of these boxes are Hirtenberg.

Boxes all from the collection of John Moss

Lew & John, great boxes!

Please note that when mentioning how the 16-round proof load box at the bottom left of my first picture was marked, because it is hard to read, I spelled “Beschuss” incorrectly. That was a typo on my part and Joe, who posted it for me, had nothing to do with the error. The stamp on the box says simply “08mE Beschuss” or in English, “08 steel-core Proof”. I would have simply corrected it there, but I cannot access my picture because I didn’t post it.

Rolf recently sent me a page from a German 1937 publication on these generic labels. I think I understand it but a translation would be helpful!



Lew - I am resurrecting this thread due to it being linked on the current thread about SOS ammo. I don’t know what I didn’t reply to this at the time.

I would not call the Polte boxes on that page from a German manual “generic boxes.” The Polte name is clearly there on all. The boxes do not have the usual information simply because they are repacks of cartridges where the manufacturering lots and the poder lots were no longer identifiable - in short, probably from crates of loose ammunition.

To me, a Generic box is one which does not have any manufacturer’s identification on it. Perhaps my definition is wrong?

Also a nice label.


I bought this box at a household auction last summer in Minnesota. When I opened the box, the cartridges appeared to me to be original to the box.
Contents were all steel case
3-dnh St+ 1 42
2-dnh St+ 4 43
5-dnh St+ 6 43
6-dnh St+ 7 43
12-dnh St+ 8 43
18-dnh St+ 1 44
4-fb St 1 44
Bob R.

Very Nice Box!!! I have not seen one with the Steel Case over-label. Is there a date code stamped on the back?

Well Done!!!


No date or code on box.
Bob R.