German Grenade Launching Cartridge Label

Last week I could add a ammo crate to my collection with a very interesting label.
This label mention cartridges for the Gewehr Propaganda Granate ( Rifle Propaganda Grenade )
This early label mention ( Flügelpulver 1893) and is unknown to me.
This powder should only short been in use
because at the end of 1942 they already used the Nz.T.P. ( Nitrocellulose Treiber Pulver )
Is there anyone that has more information about this powder.


Pulverfabrik Rottweil (code rtl) internally used 4-digit numbers just like we know from DuPont (IMR 3031 etc.). So 1893 is the Rottweil number of this propellant. I am not aware that anybody has a list of these numbers, not to mention propellant characteristics.

P.S. I think it is simply Gewehr Propaganda Granate. “Groß” designs existed only in antitank variants as far as I know.


Thanks for your correction about the abbreviation.
Correct it in my post.


Leon, great label, thanks for sharing. This powder produced at Rottweil was one of the most unusual types ever made, as it has the shape of a “T”, hence the name. As far as I know it was only used for this purpose. Regards, Fede.

I`m curious of the early round from 1940 and 1941 also
loaded with this kind of powder.
Never see a label from 40/41
Strange that this powder never is mention before as far I know.

Dou you have any document mention this powder.


The description seems to describe the powder loaded into 7,62x51 black plastic blanks by DAG in the 1960s.


Yes, I thought I had seen that Extruded “T” shaped Powder Grains before…Here in Aussie we used DAG 7,62 Black Plastic Blanks back in the late 1960s, before making our own at MF (Footscray).

Doc AV

I’ve found a notion about this Flugel(T)pulver in the ADA953125 (US Naval technical mission in Europe - ‘Small arms Powder manufacturers in Europe’ - october 1945)

On later box labels the powder is mentioned for example with;

Nz. T.P. (1,4-2.0,5/025) – rtl. 1943/ 1-1,9 g

Is it not logical the “T” means “Treibpatronen” Powder instead the form of the Powder?


Thanks for the note.

I cut 2 cartridges one from 1942 and one from 1944 both have the same powder.
Therefore it could be possible that the two names ( Flügelpulver - Nz. T.P. ) stands for the same powder.
Only a guess.


I must not understand what “T-Shaped powder” looks like, because in those two cutaway specimens of German Grenade launching rounds, I see no powder granules that look like the shape of a “T.” Perhaps I am misinterpreting the discussion?

If there are powders with granules shaped like the letter “T” can anyone picture some here?


Looks to me they would look something like this up-close, viewed from the side (obviously a bit exaggerated in scale).

Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Ole

Magnifying the picture I can see what you mean, Ole. I only see it on a few granules, but then, on those turned over with that side down, you naturally would not see it. Thanks for the clue. I understand now what we are talking about. Pardon my original ignorance. I am at the age where I am not ashamed to say “I don’t understand” or “I don’t know what you are speaking of.” Your nice drawing was just what I needed to, literally, “get the picture.”