German handgranadebox made in Norway

I got hold of a box for German handgrenades, made by Raufoss during the occupation. The box should contain 15 grenades. I don’t know what the small compartment on the side should hold. I think this box is quite rare. Now I just need to find grenades to complete the box…

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The box side with “Beigepackt sind” says what the small comartment held: 15 fuzes and 15 blasting caps No. 8. It was German practice to have the blasting caps (detonators) packed separately from the hand grenades and inserted by the troops before use.

And finding one of these grenades will be like finding a medicine against cancer or HIV.

What to look for:

Thanks for the drawing, EOD. There are a few around here of these, but they are not cheap. Don’t think I’ll manage to fill the box, but getting one at least.

If you get hold of one can you show it in detail maybe?

Sure I will.

The norwegian armymuseum have a box of these grenades. There’s a few pics. here.