German headstamped ammo produced into 1946

Attached is an interesting box from Pov

Whilst, theoretically, all production in the gwerman factories stopped on 8 May, 1945 (if not earlier due to bomobing, capture, etc, in the Allied sphere of Influence, those factories in the Russian controlled zones kept up production ( same slaves, different masters).

THus the Czechs kept up , utilising “work in progress” supplies of empty cases, components, etc, to continue making 7,9 ammo (both 33 and 57).

The Czechs were the foremost in this “continued production” of both Rifles And ammo of their former German occupiers

Whereas in the Western Zones, a lot of the factories were simply divested of machinery, and the components scrapped. Machinery was left out in the open at the mercy of the weather, until it was only good for scrap…even brand new Machine tools taken from several Slave Labour camps (Dachau in particular) was simply allowed to rust away.

The Russians, on the other hand, took entire factories back to the Soviet Union, including their workers…

Doc AV
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The latest box in my collection is the

Doc, Thanks!!!
Dutch, Your boxes will increase in value because I can’t resist opening a box. Your German label seems to indicate this lot was made with assorted cases from '42, '43 and '44—floor sweepings from the storage bin. My ak box is identical to the one you picture and was a pleasent suprise when I opened it. My highest date/lot number in ak was 7 of 45. These cartridges were marked 8 of 45!!! Always nice to add to the date/lot range.

Cheers, Lew

Congratulations with the 8th lot. Now I have to find lot # 9. -:)

Perhaps this is also interesting. Same box, made 8 day