German headstamps chronology

Hello, I’m interested in chronological setting these headstamps:

  1. Georg Egestorff, Linden bei Hannover

I present you 5 different headstamps, there are four Mauser M.71 and one Werder. I set it to me from the oldest to the youngest.

A have semicircular bottom and lightly raised big letter “B” (B/H.).
B have typical bottom and big letter “B” (B/H.), crosses are identical as in A.
C have new crosses, and smal letter “b” (b/H.)
D have massive front and contains style of the previous C (dots).
E have delicate front characteristic for production of 1915-1918 years.

Is that in your opinion the correct sequence ? Maybe you know some other font types and Egestorff headstamps ?

  1. H. Utendoerffer Patronenfabrik, Nürnberg

This case looks more clearly. If you know until what year was written UE instead Ü ? Is it known production of the years stamp in addition to 1875, 1876, 1877 ?

Regards. Ave


I cannot provide much input here, your headstamp chronology photograph series is excellent and very well presented.

The subject matter concerning these headstamps and others have been discussed briefly in several different previous posts here on the forum:






Hopefully someone with more knowledge on this subject will provide some input.

Thanks again for your photo series.