German Jan 1945 "Special List" of Ammunition Projects?

Ian Hogg in his book "Ger,am Secret Wea[pms pf tje Secpmd World War, in Appendix 1 reproduces what he describes as follows

[quote]On1 January 1945 the Army Weapons Office prepared a “Special List” of ammunitin manufacturing projectw which were then authorized and in progress. [/quote] He then provides a list of the projectsby company name.

A number of the SAA projects are quite interesting.

Brunner Waffenwerk Prague/Waschowitz
—Improvement of the 7.92mm proof ammunition s.S. and conversion to iron-cored semi-AP S.m.E

Polte Magdeburg
— Development of lead-free rifle bullets
— Development of the Matter explosive bullet (Dan Kent describes a DWM Matter bullet)
— Developmentof the Priz Albrecht explosive bullet
— Development of the explosive rifle bullet Spreng-geschoss 43 Prinz Albrecht
— Development of the explosive pistol bullet Spreng-geschoss '08 Prinz Albrecht
— Development of rifle bullet 43 with tracer with reduced lead content

DWM Lubeck/Schlutup
— Lead-free rifle bullet Patr 43 Development
— Lead-free 7.65mmpistol bullet Development
— Development of HE pistol projectile 9mm Pist '08 Prinz Albrecht

Does anyone have a copy of the original document that they can post or send by email?

I think I have seen material on a few of these projects like the Lead-Free bullets, but it isn’t clear to me whether these are the same projects.

Does anyone have any information on the “Prinz Albercht” explosive projectiles?

Any information is appreciated.