German Linked 7.9 mm Ammunition Label


Please, can someone explain the use and context of this label? I understand that this is a 252 round belt having three different loads (3:2:1) and that it is not suitable for synchronized aircraft guns, but I have not seen this variation before.

Crate is a standard “Patronenkasten 88”.




I have no real idea what use this was intended for, but maybe for the MG81 installations in weapons carriers used for ground attack purposes? That would match the caution against using in synchronized guns, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of the 81 being synchronized in any context. Jack


In 7.9 mm Luftwaffe had exactly one MG type capable of synchronized firing: MG17. The red label has no special meaning beyond "This ammo is not for MG17."
A Luftwaffe armament expert would be needed to find out what type of equipment could accommodate belts of 252 cartridges. Originally the lablel was intended for 5 belts of 252 cartridges each.
Gurtungsverhältnis is the mix of bullet types (like typical U.S. 4 ball 1 tracer). Aircraft use would probably not use ball at all, but SmK L’Spur, PmK and possibly B (the latter dropped out of favour because of lack of effect). I am not aware of fixed rules (Luftwaffe!) and tend to believe every fighter pilot had his own prefered mix.


It looks like they had at least some rules for the Gurtungsverhältnis (found this text somewhere in the past, but don’t remember where).
However, i’m not sure fighter pilots followed these, as they did, like you say, had their own preferences.


Thank you for the information.
Our military history institute (ZMS, formerly MGFS) has a good collection of old LDv and I intend to have a good look at them soon.


I did found where i got this extract ;-)

it’s in the L.Dv. 4000-10 - Munitionsvorschrift für Fliegerbordwaffen - Teil 10 - Handbuch der munition der fliegerschusswaffen (juni 1944)

in the PDF version of this L.DV, it’s on page 29, Vorbemerkung, Abschnitt K


Thank to all for the help.

Does anyone else have more information? Dutch? Léon?