German manufacturer codes auj and eek

Which German factories used the following codes? auj and eek. Thanks in advance for any info.

auj = Monheimer Ketten u.Metallwarenindustrie, P

Thanks for the info, that is exactly what I was looking for.


You could also tell us, you found a flair cartridge case from

The code “eek” factory, “…KugelHalter” name refers to the manufacture of Ball bearing Race cages, a component which is usually stamped from spring steel sheet. An ideal company for making spring steel MG link belts, having all the machinery (stamping presses, heat treatment ovens, etc) and also working in similar “size” parameters. And also being in the “pressing Industry” would also be available to do “deep drawing” required for cartridge cases.

The Germans were very meticulous in assigning work to particular factories to match their in-house tooling capabilities, both in WW I and especially in WW II.

The Town of the location of “eek” is also instructive…Schwienfurt was a major Ball Bearing centre in Southern Germany, and also the major Target
for the USAAF 8th Airforce Bomber Raids during 1943-44.

Doc AV
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I knew the connection between Schwienfurt and ball bearing manufacture. o I guessed a “Kugelhalter” or “Ball Holder” in English would probably be a ball race cage.

I actually have an exploded .50BMG round (hs 4 3 T W) that was recovered from a crashed B-17 that came down in Southern England returning from a raid on Schwienfurt. I can post the full history behind it if anyone is interested.