German Meeting in Aerzen Canceld 24/25

The German Meeting in Aerzen on 25/25 April is Canceled because of Corona

New Date is 19/20 June 2020

But can be also Canceld if Goverment says NO

I won’t type what I’ m thinking. Stay positive: let’s hope we’ll meet in June!

Is there any new information about the German meeting in Aerzen in June 19th to 20th?

Still taking place or cancelled?

The meeting is cancelled new date is november 6th & 7th

I have a general question about European meetings. Actually two questions.

  1. I realise that most Europeans speak several languages. In countries like Holland it is mandated by law. But in practice, at a meeting like Aerzen, what language is used mostly? Do you come to a table and just ask the seller his nationality?
  2. What currency is used? Euro? Do most people accept credit cards? In my one and only trip to Spain last summer I used credit cards exclusively to avoid cash manipulations.

Vlad, in Aerzen foreigners just speak English and all works fine. In some very few cases people will not know English but then there are about 200 people who immediately will assist. And also many other languages can be “managed” there if needed.
I think nobody ever had a true language problem at the shows.

When you travel Europe and Germany you always can pay with your credit card. No difference to the US.
At the shows it usually is all cash (Euro) - by nature.

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Thanks Harrie. Maybe I’ll go to ECRA Switzerland meeting then.

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How about Switzerland, with 3 official languages? The same thing, everyone speaks English? Does Switzerland use Euros?

Switzerland dared not to expropriate it’s citizen and kept the Swiss Franc.

As for their English language abilities you may wait for some feedback from our Swiss users.

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By the way, that Euro craze killed off coin collecting hobby, and probably influenced stamp collecting.

The Euro will kill many more things - including economies and likely people…

Take a closer look: in some 15 countries it is all Euro coins, Euro coins of the same value and same front side. But the backside is individual. Same with the bills, these however only vary in the first letter of their serial number. So plenty to do for collectors to keep up

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Has the virus posed a scheduling threat to the late Sept Swiss show plans ?

Pepper, it did to all schedules but by now no changes as for the Swiss show.

As often as I can, I attend the Ecra’s show, The swiss show is the nearest one for me and even more this year, as they change the location near the French and German Borders. However, I had already went to the show in Netherland in Leusden or in Landhorst and Also In Germany in Aerzen. By the way, for me, it’s exactly the same, there are a lot of people from all over the world and If your english is good, you would pretty well be able to speak with everybody! These show are wonderful and will try to attend them as often as I can!

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