German MG loader


Just took a picture at Allentown show for those who are interested in MG’s.


Way cool. The price is fair. I have one for my Maxim’s but not for the later guns.


Looks to be Yugo manufacture. A .308 MG3 belt is pictured (which is installed in the wrong bay). The belt goes in the bay closest to the hopper. Fair price. A German unit would be twice that amount . JH


Have one like that and it comes in a standard German/Yugoslavian ammo can. It’s a very tight fit.



Why are there two bays for the belt, is one for emptying the ammo out of the belt and one for filling?



Gravelbelly, this model will only link belts, not delink them.The belt is held captive and indexed by the mechanism in the first bay. The second bay is basically empty and is occupied by the shoulder of the cartridge case and bullet as the belt is loaded. I have spent many an hour adjusting these things and they can be a real bear. Once working however, they are great little machines. JH