German naval 150mm HE projectile (drawing)

Can anyone shed light on what this is?

Happy collecting, Peter

Edited; wrongly titled, now corrected

This is a German naval, base fuzed, 150 mm HE projectile. The APC designation is incorrect.

A friend of mine bought one of these last week. Here is a photo of it.

This one was re-painted and kept in storage by Norway after the end of WW2.

I certainly am no authority on major caliber ammunition, but, I would have guessed ‘Armor Piercing’, due to the lack of a nose fuze and the ballistic windshield fastened to the main body of the projectile. I base this on my limited exposure to 3" and 16" AP rounds. Cheers!

Agree. AP.

Naval HE ammunition is often using base fuzes for obvious reasons. So it is here.
Things are not always what they seem to be.

The “Spgr” in the drawing means “HE” in German. Also the color code yellow is HE in German naval ammunition while APHE would be dark blue.


Seeing the insides, you are right, it is not an AP.

Maybe it’s a matter of terminology, but in the USN we would call that projectile a Special Common since it has a medium size bursting charge, a windshield and the body is hardened for greater penetration. If it has both a windshield and a hardened cap it is an AP. An HE would have very thin body walls, a large bursting charge, and a nose fuze with an aux det charge.


It might be a SAP as well but I sticked with the intended use/declaration. Also at this point we do not know if this one was hardened. I tend to say, otherwise the German designation would have been different.

Also one very important feature of APHE shells would be a fuze with a delay while HE shells have none or a selectable delay.

Merely definitions…